We are delighted to share some of the recent success stories achieved by our team of expert executive recruiting consultants.

General Manager - Listed US Pharmaceutical Brand

A US listed vision care brand is seeking a General Manager to head up the Hong Kong team.  It is a long vacant position and required an intersting mix of experience.

Challenge: The position required management responsibility with both pharmaceutical and consumer product experience.
Solution: Talent Blue research team identified a current Head Of Sales & Marketing from global consumer health brand.  The candidate was ready to take a step up to be on the management position. 
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General Manager - US Skin Care Brand

A US skin care brand with established distribution in Asia-Pacific was facing rapid expansion. A general manager was sought to oversee the company’s Asia-Pacific sales and marketing operations.

Challenge: This demanding role required experience managing large-scale retail franchisees, proven business development acumen, and delivering on restricted marketing budgets.

Solution: We looked to corporations with similar business models and equal retail strength across the region. A general manager was identified and successfully headhunted from a European retail brand.

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Regional Security Director - A Telecommunication Carrier Provider

A European telecommunication carrier provider required a new regional security director. The director would develop the company’s security strategy across the business, including physical, information, risk management, external and internal investigations, and more.

Challenge: Once clearly defined, this role required unique experience: a mixture of law enforcement, military, and commercial knowledge, and experience within a technology firm was a must.

Solution: Talent Blue presented the opportunity to a unique candidate in our network: a former US military director-level professional working in a global technology firm. The prospect accepted the role as regional head of security.

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Head of Sales - US Consumer Personal Care Brand

A number one US consumer care brand sought a head of sales to lead its Hong Kong team.

Challenge: The position was a long-standing vacancy due to a perceived lack of available talent.

Solution: Talent Blue worked to identify a sales director from an aligned consumer brand. Together with the client, we crafted a relocation opportunity that appealed to the candidate and secured their contract.

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IT Manager - Japanese Skin Care Brand

A Japanese Skincare Brand requires an IT Manager to head up the IT operation such as PC/infrastructure supports, ERP and the Strategy.

Challenge: A Specific ERP Solution is a must for the position. 

Solution: Talent Blue Research Team has studied the companies in Hong Kong that uses the specific ERP solution and identifies a small number of candidates and presents them to client.  Client offers a candidate from a retail company and candidate is happy to accept the offer. 

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Regional Account Team Leader - US Telecom Carrier

A US Telecome Carrier sought a regional account team head to manage and lead the sales and accounts service division, with a specific focus on their stable of Fortune 500 clients.

Challenge: This senior role required solid technology or telecommunication equipment knowledge, coupled with equally strong sales and technical consulting skills – not a common combination.

Solution: Talent Blue’s business consultants went directly to proven candidates in our network from large software, technology and carrier firms. After an in-depth competency assessment, we identified an up-and-coming executive from a global software vendor with excellent business development skills, as well as technology proficiency. This management candidate successfully took on the challenge as a well-deserved career progression.

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Marketing Director - US Consumer Health

A US Consumer Health Care Brand is seeking a Marketing Director to lead a team of around 30 of branding, trade marketing, research and digital marketing.


Challenge: The position has been vacant for a long time.  The client requires a person with strong consumer marketing experience, ability to lead a large team and with a mind of understanding and sorting out in an environment with complexity

Solution: We looked to competitors with similar level of complexity and business size. We found a Marketing Director who happened to be available.

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Sales Director - A global consumer pharmaceutical brand

A global consumer pharmaceutical brand, a strong player in the Hong Kong market, is seeking a Sales Director to lead a team of 30 sales staff including key account, general trade, and merchandising team. 

Challenge: This demanding role required experience managing large sales team and it requires the sales director to work close partnership with the headquarter from the US.
Solution: Talent Blue’s business consultants went directly to proven candidates in our network among similar products.  We approached a candidate, well experienced with global environment, with strong connection with customers and had solid team management experience.  This management candidate went through intensive selection process and was offered an attractive offer and took up the challenge.
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Talent Management Director - US Food Brand

A US Food Brand was tasked to provide talent management to the APAC Team.  So they were looking for a Talent Management Director to create a TM function for the region.

Challenge: This is a new position to the region.  This person must have a mind to open the new area for the HR Team.  
Solution: Talent Blue’s team identified a number of potential candidates from the HR community of Hong Kong.  With our in-depth understanding of client’s requirements and team mix, we selected 2 best-fitted candidates.  One of them made the selection process and was offered the job.  
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Chief Financial Officer - China Retail Chain

A listed Hong Kong Retail Company was seeking a Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary for the Retail Operation in China. 

Challenges: This position required a current Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary with solid experience with Hong Kong Listed company and was able to station in Shanghai.

Solutions: Talent Blue presented this opportunity to a Hong Kong Listed Food and Beverage Company CFO.  In addition, this CFO had experience from China market and was able to be relocated.

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Marketing Director, China - Japanese Skin Care Brand

A No. 1 Japanese skincare brand is seeking a Marketing Director to head up the China market.  Coming from FMCG background, the position also requires the candidate to know well the beauty market.


Challenge: With the above requirements, the candidate must be able to relocate to GuangZhou.

Solution: Talent Blue has identified a candidate with the right experience, with some concern of relocation, Talent Blue is able to work with the candidate.

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Head Of Procurement - Listed Data Center

A Hong Kong Listed Date Center Operator is seeking a Head Of Procurement.  This position requires Information Technology / Telecommunication / Data Center experience.

Challenge: This person must come from Technology / Telecommunication / Data Center community and also with a team management experience.

Solution: Talent Blue has identified a candidate from consultant’s network.  With a few interviews, client offers the candidate. 

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Head Of Marketing - Mortgage Loan Provider

Our client, a mortgage company in Hong Kong was seeking a Head Of Marketing.  This position was to lead the marketing team to provide mortgage loan services to the Hong Kong market.  

Challenges: This position required solid mortgage loan service experience.  It included personal loan or  property mortgage loan from any multinational bank or local loan services provider.
Solutions: Talent Blue, through network in the financial industry, approached a Senior Marketing Manager from a loan services provider. Through a few dialogue, successfully made the placement.
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Logistics Finance Manager - No.1 US Beverage Brand

A No. 1 US Beverage Brand is seeking a Logistics Finance Manager to join the Finance Team.  This position is responsible for logistics finance and procurement. The requirement is Not common in the market.  

Challenge: This search requires a logistics professional who also is capable of financial analysis and combine expertise in both logistics and finance.

Solution: With an in-depth search, Talent Blue has identified a candidate from a sourcing office of a Global Brand.  Having a few presentation of the position prospect to the candidates, he has been well informed of the prospect of the position.  The Beverage Brand eventually offers to the candidate. 

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VIP Client Service Manager - US Fine Jewelry Brand

A US fine jewelry brand was seeking a VIP Client Service Manager to lead the VIP Service for the team.

Challenges: The client required the person to have experience in servicing VIP high volume individual customers and ability to network with customers.

Solutions: Talent Blue identified a shop manager from an European Luxury Brand who had VIP servicing experience.  

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Supply Chain Manager - Global Food & Beverage Brand

A Global Consumer Food & Beverage Brand is seeking a Supply Chain Manager head up the supply chain function for the Hong Kong market.

Challenges: This F&B brand needed the candidate to have F&B experience.

Solution: Talent Blue looked into the F&B brands in the market and identified a number of potential candidates. One candidate saw the opportunity as a step up in career and took the job

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IT Manager – Health Supplement Brand

A Hong Kong Listed Health Supplement Brand was seeking a IT Manager to head up the IT operation for Hong Kong market.  It covered offices, manufacturing site and retail outlets.

Challenge: Client required the person to have strong POS and ERP experience.  The particular IT skills are very specific.

Solution: Talent Blue was able to identify an experienced IT professional with the right skills and the company offered a very attractive package to the candidate.  

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Trade Marketing Manager - Global Heath Care Brand

A global health care brand was seeking a Trade Marketing Manager for the category management and trade marketing for the Hong Kong market.

Challenges: The position required a mixed skills in both category management and trade marketing.

Solutions: Talent Blue mapped out a good number of candidates with the similar skills in the market.  Approached a connected candidate and successfully placed this individual.

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Digital Marketing Manager - European Consumer Technology Brand

An European Consumer Technology Brand was seeking A Digital Marketing Manager.  This position was responsible for website roadmap development and to further develop e commerce.  Must have solid experience with Google Analytics.  

Challenges: Digital marketing and e commerce candidates were in high demand in the talent market.
Solutions: Talent Blue search team had placed a candidate who worked with a similar brand and had experience with Google.  
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Digital Marketing Manager - Luxury Shopping Mall

A luxury property developer with a up scale shopping mall in Hong Kong was seeking a Digital Marketing Manager.  This position was to lead the membership development through digital means, such as online CRM management, social network, and online campaign.

Challenges: This position was to lead the membership development through digital means, such as online CRM management, social network, and online campaign.

Solutions: Talent Blue search team has identified various industries that required similar business model – the travel industry.  Through database, the team approached a candidate from the airline industry and made the placement.

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We look forward to many more successful partnerships. Talent Blue welcomes enquiries from talent acquisition teams and future business leaders across the region. You may reach our team here.