At Talent Blue, our commitment lies in connecting Asia’s most talented professionals with management and executive opportunities within the region’s leading businesses. We consult with multinational corporations in Hong Kong and across Asia to place senior to middle management–level executives, aligning organisational strategies with the right people to activate compelling business performance.

Practiced leadership

Anson Wong, a man synonymous with executive placements and employment in Hong Kong and Asia, founded Talent Blue in 2014. Talent Blue is Anson’s second headhunting and recruitment firm to follow Three Hills Recruitment, which was established in 2002 and acquired by a NASDAQ-listed holding company in 2013.

Anson’s executive placement expertise is the engine room of Talent Blue. His innate understanding of the challenges and opportunities behind organisational planning and talent acquisition is the driving force behind his unique management consultancy approach. Anson now leads the Talent Blue team from Hong Kong, personally guiding them to deliver efficient, accurate organisational planning and placements for thriving international businesses and HR departments in Hong Kong and across Asia.

Anson enjoys building professional relationships with many of the most established, successful, and up-and-coming managers and executives in Asia.